Our History

Persimmon - the legend. This hard, resilient American timber has long been recognised as the most perfect golf club head material - in fact nothing gets near it for the essentials of distance, accuracy and feel.

Persimmon is a tree of the ebony family, native to Central and Eastern United States, which produces a hard wood with a  pronounced grain pattern.  Traditionally sourced for only the finest golf clubs, persimmon cushions little at impact, allowing maximum energy transference to the ball. 

For the first time, young players discover the unique benefits of playing persimmon whilst established golfers are amazed by the performance and playability when aligned with the modern golf shaft. So where is the drawback? - simply that persimmon is expensive to source and requires skill to manufacture, in direct contrast to the mass-produced factory product of the major brands.

But there is a choice. Since 2003, Persimmon Golf has led the persimmon revival in Europe, proving to thousands of golfers that our clubs have the power to revolutionise the performance, and above all enjoyment of their game.


Persimmon golf Our history