Why persimmon wood is still used for making quality golf clubs

Why persimmon wood is still used for making quality golf clubs

With cheaper, mass-produced alternatives readily available, it might seem that there might no longer be a market for traditional persimmon clubs.

But since 2003, Persimmon Golf has led the persimmon revival in Europe, proving to thousands of golfers that our clubs have the power to revolutionise performance, and above all their enjoyment of the game.


A perfect material

Put simply, Persimmon is nature's gift to golf.

This hard, resilient American timber has long been recognised as the most perfect golf club head material. In fact, nothing gets near it for the essentials of distance, accuracy and feel.

Traditionally sourced for only the finest golf clubs, persimmon cushions little at impact, allowing maximum energy transference to the ball. Both young players and established golfers are amazed by the performance and playability of persimmon, when aligned with the modern golf shaft.


Created by skilled craftsmen

In contrast to mass-produced metal 'woods', persimmon clubs are lovingly created by real people in real time. From start to finish, each head is handled by skilled craftsmen over 200 times during the six week production period.

Charlie and his fellow craftsmen start by skilfully cutting the persimmon blocks, then installing the sole-plate, face insert and aluminium ferrule. Meticulous sanding, line-cut scoring and staining is followed by several applications of a clear protective coating to complete the finished head.

From the careful selection of prime persimmon blocks, right through to the final inspection of the finished head, nothing is left to chance. There is no compromise; only the best will do.


Superior feel and accuracy

Nothing compares with persimmon for that elusive balance of distance, accuracy and feel. Comments from reviewers give testament to the superior feel and accuracy of a persimmon head. Golf Monthly pronounced that “the feel and feedback were fantastic”; while a reviewer from Golf Punk Magazine enthused: “I caught my first attempt right out of the screw - and experienced a feel I'd forgotten existed in golf. With a bit of skill, these clubs can make the ball go round corners”.

The pronounced gear effect of a persimmon head ensures superior accuracy, whilst its playability and control are legendary. 


A truly unique product

Because persimmon is a natural product, each of our clubs is similar, yet unique. A natural variation occurs in both the grain pattern and absorption properties of the sourced wood, which produces minor differences in the finished appearance of the grain and shade of stain.

They all look superb, and these qualities only add to the character of a true persimmon club.