How to look after your persimmon golf clubs

How to look after your persimmon golf clubs

It’s a question we get asked a lot at Persimmon Golf - how do you look after a persimmon golf club? With modern players far more used to playing with metal woods, it makes sense that you’d want to know how best to care for your wooden clubs.

Wipe clean with a damp cloth

Our persimmon heads have a very durable coating of industrial grade polyurethane applied to them in four separate operations. This coating is extremely mark resistant, and provides an excellent moisture barrier. Simply wipe your heads with a damp cloth when they get dirty.  

Use a headcover

All our heads come with a lined headcover, handmade in the UK from quality leather. Keep the headcover on your club when not in use - and do ensure the headcover is completely dry before placing on the club.

Ensure that there is no grit between impact surfaces 

As with any club, a persimmon head is liable to get scuffed if you hit under the ball and the point of impact is on the head. Try to ensure that there is no grit between impact surfaces, as this can mark the face, insert or sealant. 

Be aware of conditions if using at a practise range

Our drivers and fairway woods are intended as 'in-play' clubs - they can be used at a range, but do keep in mind that hard golf balls are not ideal on a wooden surface, and that contact with abrasive mats can mark the head and damage the protective finish.

Persimmon woods are durable and last for years. Though as with any club, whether metal or wood, they will show signs of usage, this should in no way affect their playability.