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Premium Quality

From the careful selection of prime persimmon blocks, right through to the final inspection of the finished head, nothing is left to chance. Persimmon is nature's gift to golf - there is no compromise, only the best will do.

Meticulous Craftsmanship

In direct contrast to mass-produced metal 'woods', our clubs are lovingly created by real people in real time. From start to finish, each head is handled by skilled craftsmen over 200 times during the six week production.

Performance Qualities

Nothing compares with persimmon for that elusive balance of distance, accuracy and feel. The pronounced gear effect of a persimmon head ensures superior accuracy, whilst playability and control are legendary. 

Master Club Maker

Our multi-award winning club-maker has been the trusted advisor to top amateur and professional golfers alike, including Seve Ballesteros, Ian Woosnam, Fred Couples, Sandy Lyle, Suzann Pettersen and many more.

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Number 1 in Europe

Since 2003, Persimmon Golf has led the persimmon revival in Europe, proving to thousands of golfers that our clubs have the power to revolutionise the performance, and above all enjoyment of their game. Persimmon Golf, Europe's no. 1 for high performance persimmon golf clubs. 

History of Persimmon Golf

Modern day performance

If you are worried that you will lose performance with Persimmon golf clubs then don't be. When struck well the flight is low and powerful, the feel is sensational and you can genuinely control the shape of your shot. Performance with soul.

Persimmon Performance


Don't take our word for it, listen to what real golfers have to say

Michael Moore

Tour Professional

The word 'persimmon' is iconic, but the golf world has been led to believe that wooden heads cannot compete with technology-led metals. I can tell you this is simply not the case! Fitted with the modern shaft, Persimmon Golf's drivers are competitive off the tee, whilst the shape and dynamics of the fairway woods cut through the rough better than any metal equivalent or rescue club. 

Greg Smith

Head Professional

After years of using 'modern technology' it was refreshing to be hitting your persimmon headed woods, and discovering there is no loss of performance in overall shot result. I found the fairway woods most impressive, as I could work the ball and still obtain the distances I require. I would recommend to anyone!

Andrew Crockett

Author 'Bump & Run

OK I love this Persimmon Golf 3 wood - it arrived today! Waited until par 5 sixth to hit her........par 5 only 500 yards. #3 wood struck perfectly off tee, middle fairway, followed by another off the deck to 15 feet....two putts birdie. I hit it twice more and so far I have hit four sensational shots...what a lovely thing... goes a mile too!!! Well 250 yards, which is ample. So happy.

Marc Amort

Amort Golf Academy

The look, feel and performance of Persimmon Golf's T-Classic driver and V-Classic fairway woods are exceptional. They allow me to shape the ball in a way that is impossible with metal drivers and fairway woods. These are definitely my golf clubs of choice.

Nick Pateman

Elite Golf Organisation

Persimmon Golf's woods are timeless. Striking these clubs from the centre, they perform just as well as today's fairway woods with the added advantage of the V-shaped sole which cuts through tough lies so much better than today's equivalent. When coaching with EGO, our clients are always surprised at just how easy it is to strike the ball as well as with the latest metal woods and how much more explosive they are from the rough.

Luca of Monza

Monza, Italy

My feedback concerning my last order (T-Classic driver) - simply fantastic!!! No vibration, great control and distance. I've proceeded with an order for two fairway woods. PS- After the tee-shot with my new T-Classic, the player following said 'Wow, double wow - is it a persimmon driver? I can't believe it!!!' Great satisfaction!!

Persimmon Golf

Persimmon Golf produce some of the finest golf clubs, maintaining a tradition for the many thousands of Persimmon fans who demand the experience and pleasure of playing with modern high-performance persimmon clubs.

Discover the playability, that elusive balance of accuracy, distance, feel and consistency that only persimmon can provide. Experience a new level of enjoyment.

If you want to play better golf, forget about trying to play better and concentrate on enjoying the game more, for in the long run this is the surest way to play better golf. We love this game.


What the press say

Today's Golfer

The clubs are produced to an amazing quality of finish and really are very eye catching out on the course.  If you love the feel of soft timber combined with just a little bit of history, these could be right up your street.  They are a fantastic gift for anybody who loves the game.

Golf Monthly

This beautifully finished head certainly caught the eye in the Golf Monthly office - there was no argument that the feel and feedback were fantastic.  An ideal choice for those looking for something different.

National Club Golfer

I caught my first attempt right out of the screw- and experienced a feel I'd forgotten existed in golf.  With a bit of skill, these clubs can make the ball go round corners.  Hit one out of the meat and it will go as well as your best shot with a 460cc titanium.

Golf Punk Magazine

Voted 'Most Wanted'.  With it's 240cc head, it's much more forgiving than a traditional persimmon wood, yet it retains the sweet sound and feel that only persimmon can offer.

From Tree to Green

The journey starts with the persimmon tree, grown in
the central States of America and long-recognised as
the most perfect material for the finest drivers and fairway woods.
Throughout a process over several weeks they go from tree to green.

Persimmon Golf News

Are wooden golf clubs really as good as (or better than) modern metal clubs?
Are wooden golf clubs really as good as (or better than) modern metal clubs?

Michael Moore, tour professional, admits, “the golf world has been led to believe that wooden heads cannot compete with technology-led metals”. So how well do traditional persimmon clubs really perform against their modern metal equivalents?

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A new Persimmon club to the collection - Joe Anderson's Display Club
A new Persimmon club to the collection - Joe Anderson's Display Club

Zanna, the Sales Manager at Persimmon Golf, is accustomed to her boss announcing the acquisition of another ancient hickory club or some unusual item of golfing memorabilia, but even she was amazed at this latest addition to the collection. 

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European Clubmaker of the Year - Our Persimmon clubmaker wins the award yet again
European Clubmaker of the Year - Our Persimmon clubmaker wins the award yet again

Kevin Redfern, Master Clubmaker for Persimmon Golf and founder of Custom Golf Stix, has been chosen as the Inaugural Winner of the prestigious European Golf Clubmaker of the Year. Kevin, who is recognised fo...

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